The Big Five! And Other Animals of the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire

The Serengeti, located in northern Tanzania, is spans 12,000 square miles and is home to Africa’s largest lion population. It is also the site of the worlds largest mammal migration in the world, during which approximately 260,000 zebra and 1.7 million wildebeest can be seen moving between Tanzania and southwestern Kenya. During our safari in the Serengeti (and the Ngorongoro conservation area and Tanrangire national park) Leslie and I saw everything from wildebeests to cheetah and even checked off our Big Five (leopard, elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino)! We went for a 5 day safari with a company called Peter Tours, a fantastic budget safari run by a man named Peter from Moshi, Tanzania. Here are just a few of the photos we took throughout the trip!


Yesterday we visited Jozania national park and even got to stay the night. It was beautiful and we got to see tons and tons of monkeys who are completely habituated to people, but aren’t fed by tourists and just kinda ignore you. We saw a mix of Sice and Red Colobus monkeys. Instead of talking about them, here’s just a ton of photos:

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First Impressions of Stonetown, Zanzibar

Where do I even begin? Each morning, everyone awakes to the sound of the call to prayer at around 5AM. It starts off quietly, as the first mosque, maybe a couple miles away, begins the prayer. Within a minute, more mosques join in (though each start at different times giving it the feeling of a song being spoken as a round) until every mosque on the island is flooding every street and house with the prayer. When it’s done, I go back to sleep.

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The Back of the Plane

I’m now just a little over 24 hours into this trip, not even in Zanzibar yet, and I’ve already met a handful of incredibly interesting people, the majority of which I am very sad to only have been able to know for such a short period of time, but isn’t that just the best and the worst part of traveling? I’ve also already had a few unexpected, and not particularly welcome, experiences that I feel warrant a blog post (and, after all, I did promise to blog more!). It all started just moments after boarding my 13 hour flight from Canada to Ethiopia.

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East Africa Pre-Travel Itinerary and a Lion Taking Out a Gazelle

In just a couple of days, I’ll be boarding a plane to East Africa for a month long vacation full of safaris, snorkeling, beaches, and giant tortoises! I usually have a lot of trouble keeping up with blogging while I’m traveling, so I’ve decided to get a head start on it with a pre-travel blog. No idea what I’m supposed to write in one of those, so here’s some exciting itinerary!

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