I’m a tech geek with a lot of (often unrelated) side hobbies and interests. If you want to get to know me better, shoot me a message and let’s find a time to chat.

Side Projects

Catz Pleaz. Thx.
My first Chrome plugin, "Catz Pleaz. Thx." does the internet a favor and replaces all images on websites with GIFs of cats doing cute things.
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Ever wondered how changes in a space affect mood and the happiness of people using the space? We did! Written in Python with a multi-layer perceptron machine learning algorithm, Laughalytics is able to detect laughter in the environment with at least 80% accuracy.
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Make Space
The Make Space Chrome Extension was developed to help people who spend most of their time working at a computer remember to take breaks and stretch. Make Space gives you friendly reminders to stand up and stretch.
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Content Cleaner
Content cleaner is a Wordpress plugin I created in order to help remove those pesky characters that sometimes appear when you try to copy and paste from Microsoft Word into your blog. It's simple, requires no setup, and just works.
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