Grilled Tofu Reuben

Ingredients Grilled Tofu 1 block extra firm tofu 3 cloves garlic, finely minced 1/4 cup soy sauce 1 1/2 tbsp sesame oil 1 tbsp dijon mustard 2 tsp Italian seasoning 1 tsp oregano Sandwich 2 slices rye bread 1 tbsp thousand island dressing 3/4 cup sauerkraut 2 slices Swiss cheese Directions Slice tofu into 12-14 […]

Chocolate Tofu Pie

If you weren’t already convinced that tofu could be used in anything, then try this recipe out. This incredibly simple pie filling recipe takes only 4 ingredients and tastes amazing. It’s also way healthier than standard pudding filling recipes and, if you sub out the honey for agave nectar, you can make it vegan. Prep […]

Grilled Brussels

I know a lot of people who say they hate brussel sprouts and I think I know the reason: they grew up eating them boiled. Please stop boiling your brussel sprouts. They lose all their flavor and smell bad. There are a lot of better ways to cook brussels, but this is one my favorites. […]

How to make tofu actually taste good

I’ve heard so many people talk about how they don’t like tofu and I feel bad for all of them because (when cooked well) it’s delicious. I think people usually just don’t season it enough; tofu really doesn’t have much flavor but it absorbs anything and everything you put on it. There are also a […]

Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos Recipe

After making this just once, it is already one of my favorite recipes. It requires minimal work and the nachos are absolutely delicious, not to mention that they’re way healthier than normal nachos since you’re substituting chips for baked sweet potato. Feeds 4 Bake Time: 40 Minutes | Active Time: 20 Minutes